White jeans might not work in your cold, wet, slushy and snowy winters. But they can work in mild winters, in transitional weather, or in spring before temperatures warm up. You can also wear off-white or cream jeans instead of optical white. I’m going to pull out my white jeans soon, and wear them with a warm and woolly support act.

If you do wear white jeans in cold or cool weather, here are some outfit ideas.

1. Graphic Neutrals

Chunky lug-soled boots are on-trend, and we’re seeing them all over the show as the ‘90s have their fashion moment. Here, a black turtleneck and pair of lug-soled boots effectively sandwich a pair of white relaxed straight jeans. A black bag completes the black complement. Top the lot off with a casual jacket or coat like this fun olive puffer and you’re done.

Graphic Neutrals

2. Nautical and Clogged

This is a great look for milder weather. Combine white jeans with a nautically striped cotton-rich pullover. Finish things off with clogs. These are a shade of white to match the large component of white in the outfit. Note that the whites do not need to match. At least, to my eye they don’t. I love the fluidity and width of these silhouettes. The clogs add a fun Dutch touch. This is my favourite of the four looks and I’ll take the whole outfit, please.

Nautical and Clogged

3. Lots of Layers

These layers are long, roomy, and an interesting mix. Combine white jeans with a turtleneck. Pop a shacket over the top and an anorak or parka over that. Finish things off with casual boots that work with the outfit. Here, the on-trend black lug-soled boots bookend the model’s hair, pulling the look together. A black turtleneck instead of a taupe one would have matched the black shoes and buttons of the shacket. I quite like the way the seafoam works with the khaki shade of olive, but feel free to choose your own palette.

Lots-of Layers

4. Crisply Earthy

Shades of white look fab with earth tones like toffee, cinnamon, brown and tan. Here a patterned earthy hoodie is combined with white jeans and beige boots. A long tan trench coat tops things off, thereby adding dressy drama. A structured white bag adds a polished touch, and matches the white bottoms. Add jewellery, watch, headgear and eyewear as desired.

Crisply Earthy