Two years into the global pandemic, and most aspects of so-called normal life have been affected in big or small ways. 2020 was tough, and for some, 2021 was even tougher. It’s inevitable that feelings of restlessness, negativity, boredom, listlessness, anger, sadness, and fatigue have set in for even the most positive, energetic, and hopeful among us. And even when our own situations are relatively good, we are surrounded by those who are struggling and we feel sadness and compassion for them. This takes its toll. Our emotions are getting quite the workout.

Give yourself a break as you reflect about your wardrobes and styles this year. Extend yourself some kindness, because you’re doing the best that you can in the midst of a lot of uncertainty. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made shopping mistakes, or that your styles and wardrobes are not where you’d like them to be. What matters is that you feel safe, strong, calm, level-headed, and can support those who need your help.

Wear what makes you feel comforted, happy, empowered, and ready for the day. It might be jeans, skirts, dresses, and dressier clothes on some days, or sweats, athleisure, pyjamas, and loungewear on others. And remember: YOU LOOK FAB.