Gentle Herd is a clothing and accessory brand that is about gentleness and love. Their mission is to deliver the finest cashmere and wool garments ethically and sustainably to consumers. The sheep and goats that produce wool for their collections are protected through strict codes of conduct. Through standardized and meticulously cared for breeding, shearing, feeding, and transport practices, animals are kept safe and healthy. And the farming community is thriving and prosperous. For example, only the goat’s underlayer is collected during the annual shearing process so that the goats stay warm during Winter. The wool is collected, combed, and trimmed by hand in a delicate and precise process.

The brand is transparent about their production and pricing model. The vertical operation from factory to consumer seems equally impressive. I do not know where the Gentle Herd factories are located, but they have overseas warehouses and offices in Denver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, Paris, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Sydney, London, Shenzhen, and Hang Zhou.

Their website has an interesting section about fabric, where they talk about worsted cashmere, cashmere, blends, merino wool, and worsted wool. They also explain that by using LONG micro fibres to create the yarn that is knitted into garments, the brand is able to improve softness and quality. These long fibres prevent garments from pilling. It’s when micro fibres are short, that garments tend to pill easily.

As I browse the items, I am struck by the very large assortment across women, men and kids. They offer solid knitwear, pants, skirts, suits, sets, outerwear, and accessories across many classic and on-trend silhouettes. There are dressier items too. Most of the offerings are fairly neutral and run from sizes XXS to XXL. It is my hope that they include larger sizes soon. Gentle Herd encourages you contact them if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Who knows, you might get exactly what you want if you ask them. The prices seem more affordable than the industry norm for similar products. There is a good sale section too.

I like what this company is doing and want to support them. But first I need to figure out which item I want and how it will fit into my wardrobe and budget.

Gentle Herd Oversize Wool Peacoat

A-Line Wool Cashmere Pocket Skirt