I mentioned in this season’s trends post that all sorts of matching sets are on point. We covered fabulous twinsets or sweater sets earlier this year. Today we’re covering a not-too-distant relative: a set made up of a matching sweater and skirt. Just like the two-piece sweater dress beautiful Assa showcased on YLF a few weeks ago. The look is fringe, and reminds me a bit of the ‘70s.

Matching knitted sweater and skirt sets are usually chunky in texture with stitch interest. Most are solid, but some are patterned. Some have intricate cable and Fair Isle designs. Most of the sweaters are fluid or oversized, have long sleeves, high necklines, and are very cosy. The skirt component is midi or midaxi in length, and narrow in silhouette. Sometimes they are flared and shorter. The sweater component is usually worn over the skirt untucked. It can be belted to create some structure. In some instances the sweater component is a cardigan with a V-neckline, and the skirt is a dress or A-line silhouette. But more typically the sweater is a fluid pullover with a high neckline, and the skirt is streamlined. Here are some examples.

The set is an easy pull-on-and-go option. Add a pair of boots, topper, bag, and you’re good to go. It can be awfully cosy, comfortable, warm, and has a relaxed elegance about it. As a fringe trend, it’s quite a unique look right now.

Finding a set that fits to your liking can be tricky. It’s a delicate balance between finding a fluidly structured silhouette that is neither too clingy and body-con, nor bulky, unstructured, and blocky. The chunkier the knit, the more substantial, forgiving, and camouflaging the fabric, which creates less of a clingy silhouette. But chunky knits can also feel bulky, widening, and unattractive.

Personally, I like the trend. Visually, I am drawn to the chunkier versions with lots of stitch interest, fluid fit sweaters with high necklines, and streamlined longer skirts. But the straight silhouette of the long skirts gives me pause because I cannot comfortably go about my day in them, and prefer a skirt with movement and swoosh. But you never you know. Maybe the knit has more movement than I give it credit for. I’d have to try one on, walk around, and make a decision.

Over to you. What do you think of this trend? Do you like it, and would you wear it?