You are on Team Skirt if you prefer wearing skirts to pants, and vice versa. There’s no restriction on the types of skirts, and skorts count as skirts too. Any type of pants count too, so jeans, joggers, and leggings all count as pants. 

I love to wear voluminous, swooshy midi and midaxi skirts, and am looking to add more to my capsule for hot, warm and mild weather. I adore A-lines and bias cuts too. I don’t generally like to wear skirts in cold weather unless I am indoors and insulated all day. I could wear fleece-lined tights or the like to insulate them, but unfortunately it’s not an option. Wearing a school uniform for twelve years with THE most awful woolly, scratchy tights has killed wearing any type of thick hosiery for life. On the other hand, I enjoy wearing refined, ultra sheer, and dressy pantyhose with skirts and dresses. But they aren’t warm enough in my Winter.

My heart lies with dressy pants, casual pants, and jeans, especially since I am on foot and live in the Pacific Northwest. I LOVE wearing them year round in on-trend silhouettes. Solid, patterned, bright, neutral, cropped, full-length, wide, tapered, pleated, belted, fluid, relaxed, tailored, architectural — I have and enjoy the variety. I bat for Team Pants.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Skirt or Team Pants? It’s Thanksgiving in the US this week, so no one is benched because you can bat for both teams. On that note, we are taking the week off to rest, restore, and decorate for the holidays. I’ll be wearing an assortment of pants and jeans! I’ll be back on Friday with a sales roundup. Wishing US Fabbers and their families a happy, safe, and peaceful Thanksgiving week.