Nine years ago I suggested wearing an apron to save your clothes. It bears repeating, because cooking at home and doing all sorts of other home projects is on the rise because many more people are working from home these days. 

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I enjoy cooking from scratch. Some of my friends and clients change into “cooking clothes”, but I stay in my normal clothes, which includes white tops and jeans. I do, however, wear a large apron that covers most of the front of my outfit. I scrunch or roll up the sleeves to keep them out of the way while stirring, mixing, chopping, pouring, flipping, kneading, and washing up. That’s why bell sleeves are bothersome, and I sometimes avoid them. I make a point of tying the necktie tightly so that the top of the apron covers me as fully as it can. I’m also careful not to do things too quickly, which keeps spilling, messing, and spluttering to a minimum. Because of this, I rarely stain my clothes.

I like BIG, striped aprons made of heavy, stiff cotton, that is easy to launder. How about you? If you cook, do you wear an apron, or do you change into clothes that are less precious.