Jordan ClarkI stumbled across Dooeys recently, and was delighted because the founder of the company, Jordan Clark, is a Seattleite who lives in Amsterdam. As a Dutch person living in Seattle, I was intrigued. Clark grew tired of choosing between wearing unsupportive slippers or outdoor sneakers on her Dutch apartment’s hardwood floors. So she set out to create supportive, comfortable, and stylish indoor shoes in an ethical and sustainable way.

You can read about how Dooeys are made, using apples, sugar cane, recycled plastic bottles, cork, recycled polyester and recycled packaging in a clean, carbon footprint reducing, and thoughtful way. The brand prides itself on doing very small production runs, and manufacturing closely to demand to prevent overproduction.

The slip shoes, as Dooeys likes to call them, are cosy, lightweight, crisp, classic, versatile, and made in Portugal from plant-based and recycled materials. The sneaker-like soles and soft insoles are supportive and soothing on the feet. The idea is to wear these slip shoes at home, which can mean working at a desk, cooking, hosting a dinner party, lounging on the couch, watching tele, or tackling an indoor home project. The brand currently offers two styles across a couple of neutrals. A loafer and mule, which cost $128. Sizes run from a US5 to 12, and includes half sizes. Shipping is free in the US.

House Mules

House Loafers

I like the idea and aesthetic of Dooeys, and would also wear them with socks or knee-highs. But I paused at the price, which seems a little high. You can buy a much cheaper pair of regular shoes for at-home use only. I did just that with two pairs of sneakers at the beginning of the pandemic. That said, the brand is fairly exclusive, run by women, and doing good things for our planet. Dooeys are very comfy, refined, and ‘good for your feet’ shoes that you wear at home, so you are getting more than a pair of unsupportive floppy slippers. They are also not as bulky, and hard to pull on and off as my at-home-only sneakers.

I’m thinking about supporting the brand because I have a new pair of supportive and pretty slippers or slip shoes on my shopping list. I’m not sure whether Dooeys go on sale, but they are on my radar.