Sometimes you wear a particular colour, neutral, silhouette, vibe, or outfit combination, and you know it looks good. It garners compliments from family members, friends, and strangers. But despite that, you don’t like the look because it doesn’t feel like you. It feels off, and doesn’t make you happy. It is someone else’s look.

I have that feeling about pencil and tube skirts, sheath dresses, and solid black items. Sleek, form-fitting skirts and dresses flatter my body type in the traditional sense, but they do not feel like me. I used to wear them about ten years ago, enjoyed them, but have since moved on.

I do not like the constricting feeling and lack of swoosh of very fitted skirts and dresses. I need the versions that move as I move. So it’s A-lines, fit-and-flares, sack silhouettes, and any other style that does not fit too closely to the contour of my body.

Greg says I wear black well, but I don’t enjoy it. Slowly but surely, I started switching out my black for dark blue, and haven’t looked back. I think dark blue looks softer, prettier and more vibrant on me.  It’s a better fashion neutral to combine with the happy colours I like to wear.

Of course, I fully support and enjoy pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and solid black items on those who do like to wear them. There are few things more stylish than someone who is confident, relaxed, unaffected, and authentically happy in their outfit.

Is there something that you know looks good, but is not for you?