You are on Team Subtle Earrings if you wear studs or small earrings most of the time. You are on Team Statement Earrings if you prefer big, bold, and dangly earrings. The earrings can be any metal, colour and material, and dressy or casual. If you wear large hoops, they count as statement earrings.

I don’t wear earrings at all, so I’ll comment on my friends, family and clientele. I’d say it’s an even split. Some wear subtle earrings like diamond, metal or pearl studs daily that blend into their hair and outfits. Some wear large hoops and that is that. Others have very bold and large earring styles that create an impactful visual stamp. They match them to their outfits and have lots of fun in the process. And some have a very varied earring style. They wear all sorts of earrings to suit the occasion, their mood, and the outfit.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Subtle or Team Statement Earrings? For this poll you CAN bat for both teams and play. You are on the bench with me if you don’t wear earrings at all. I’m serving halibut, potato and carrot mash, and broccoli with a marmalade sauce. There is lemon bunt cake with cream cheese icing for dessert.