Jane and JennaBra company Harper Wilde manufactures bras and panties sustainably, ethically, inclusively, and a lot more affordably than you would expect. Founders Jane Fisher and Jenna Kenner are committed to creating comfortable, high-quality bras that are offered at fair prices. You can read more about the brand’s compelling mission and story, as well as how they lift the leading ladies of tomorrow.

Items are well worth a browse if you’re shopping for simple bras and panties with a more utilitarian vibe. You can buy bra and panty bundles, and get help with the right sizes and styles. The smallest band size is 32, and the largest bralette size is 3XL. The brand is not as size-inclusive as I had hoped, but it’s a good start.

Bra Colors

Harper Wilde’s bra recycling programme is forward-thinking. Bras usually consist of at least thirty pieces, making them very tricky to dispose of sustainably. Most end up in landfills because it’s the easiest thing to do. So Harper Wilde developed a process that helps you recycle your bras more sustainably. Impressively, they accept ANY brand of bra (and underwear).

Click the “RECYCLE BRA” button on the site to start the process. Follow the steps, and you’ll help save the planet. Harper Wilde will send a recycling kit to send back your old bras and panties. Once they’ve received them at their recycling centre, they break them down. Some parts are upcycled into yarns and fabrics, while others are broken down and used for things like rugs, cleaning textiles, and building insulation. They will cover the costs of recycling your bras, but you pay the price of shipping your bras to them. If you choose to place an order with Harper Wilde, you’ll receive a pre-paid label which covers the cost to ship as well.

I love hearing about companies that are run by women who are doing good things for other women and the world. Harper Wilde does not currently make my bra size, but that might change. I also tend to prefer my undies with a bit of lace, but I can certainly recycle my bras with the brand.