If you enjoy light neutrals, animal print, and a Modern Classic vibe, these outfits might appeal to you. Of course, you can change the palette to dark neutrals, or a more earthy mix if that’s your cup of tea. 

Combine a pair of on-trend jeans with a fluid pullover or long-sleeved shirt in a light neural. Semi-tuck the front of the pullover or shirt and add a belt in a shade of brown. You can tie the fronts of the shirt, if you like that vibe and leave off the belt. Finish off the look with animal print footwear, or solid light neutral or brown footwear. The bag can match the animal print footwear or repeat a solid neutral in the outfit. A light neutral trench coat tops things off.

Personally, I love light neutrals. I stick to solid shades of white, and very occasionally throw in a rich shade of toffee or a pretty shade of sand. My version of this look would use the items from my wardrobe below. The pullover looks white, but it’s cream in person and matches the cream complement of loafers and bag perfectly. I’d choose dark denim wide crops, leave off the belt, but semi-tuck the pullover anyway. Instead of a trench coat, I’d layer an old toffee cape coat over the top. My red specs add a bit of colour.

Does this vibe appeal to you too?