Mango’s new Fall collection shows some great transitional outfits that are easy to pull together. Simple jeans, tops, knitwear and toppers are combined with closed footwear to create Trendy Classic looks that are relatable and comfortable. The idea is to pull these looks together with items you have in your wardrobe. Maybe they will remind you of a glaring wardrobe hole, or inspire you to haul out some closet orphans.

It inspired me to find similar examples across other brands, and here are four of my favourites. The palettes are earthy because that’s on-trend, but feel free to create similar looks in your colours.

1. Wrapped with Tall Boots

Tuck a pair of skinnies into tall heeled or flat boots with a top that works with the combination. This one is tucked, but you can leave it out. Throw a wrap, poncho, or ruana over the lot to create a dramatic effect. You can belt the wrap if you like. If you click on the photo, you can see the belted version. Layered necklaces look lovely enclosed by the V-neckline.

Wrapped with Tall Boots

2. Casual Dress and Tall Flat Boots

The joy of one-piece dressing is not to be underestimated. Combine a casual dress with mid-calf or knee-high boots. Accessorize to your taste, throw over a topper if you need to, and you’re done. I like how the olive dress and boots match to create a column of colour. Here, black or brown boots would look great too. Comfy, relaxed and pulled together.

Casual Dress and Tall Flat Boots

3. Dressy with Socked Mules

Combine a dressier dress with a coat. Solid or patterned, it’s all good as long as the two work together. Here the midi and coat are the same length, which is not essential, but looks visually neat and tidy. I don’t know how well wearing socks and mules works in practice – maybe it’s too slippery – but it’s one way to extend the wear of the mules and look unique. Dressier than wearing Birkenstocks with socks too. By all means substitute the shoes and socks with footwear and hosiery that is more to your taste.

Dressy with Socked Mules

4. Moto Combat

Wearing a moto jacket with combat boots is a classic hard-edged combination, and especially in black. This version looks a little different because of the light bottoms in a fluid fit, and the GREEN of the moto. The cropped length of the on-trend pleated jeans do a great job of showcasing the tall boots. The taupe pullover quietly pulls things together, as does the black bookending of the boots and model’s hair. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Moto Combat

If you’re in the United States, we wish you a safe and relaxing long Labour Day Weekend. The Cox Castle will be taking Monday off and blog posts will resume on Tuesday.