I urgently needed to find a suitable form of hand luggage that would do double duty as a work tote when I’m travelling. I took a chance with this large, nylon tote in the dark turquoise, and it’s fabulous. It’s very spacious and lightweight. The broad canvas shoulder straps are comfortable. It lies flat against the body, and has an excellent organization of pockets (click the link to see the inside of the tote). The fabric is robust, water-repellent, and is easily wiped clean. Most importantly, it zips closed so that nothing falls out or gets wet. It was comfortable to carry with a larger suitcase as I traipsed through airports and on public transport when visiting my Dad in the Netherlands last week.

During my stay I packed the tote with my laptop, chargers, snacks, jacket, and everything else I would need for the day. I carried it with my Furla crossbody.

It’s very practical, well-made, and looks nice too. It’s $25 well spent, and comes in an unusual assortment of cool tones. I highly recommend it for work and travel if you need something simple, affordable and casual.