I have a colour-rich wardrobe full of my favourite colours. I wear the colours I love because they make me happy. Colour is an emotional and intuitive thing for me, and I’ve been drawn to the same types of colours for as long as I can remember. As a result, I don’t think too much about whether colours are supposed to suit my complexion according to colour experts. I go with my gut and heart, and run with it. If I’m unsure, I ask hubs Greg what he thinks. We almost always agree.

SpringYears ago, I picked up a book on Seasonal Colour Analysis, and as it turns out I’m a “Warm Spring”, or “Clear Spring” according to their theory. This means that I wear clear colours or saturated pastels best. Fortunately, those are exactly my favourite colours to wear, along with an assortment of neutrals in cooler shades of white and blue. It’s interesting — and I guess lucky — that the colours that I like to wear fit quite neatly into a theory and colour box.

That said, there are neutrals and non-neutrals that are supposed to work well with my complexion, but that I don’t wear because I’m not drawn to them. I avoid shades of purple, emerald green and cobalt, because I’m not as passionate about those colours. It doesn’t matter if they look great when they don’t evoke enough positive emotion. Of course, I adore these colours on those who enjoy wearing them. Like Inge, who hasn’t met a shade of purple, green or blue she doesn’t like, and rocks them all.

On the neutral side, I’m supposed to wear solid brown and black well, but I’m not drawn to them, and happily leave them for others to rock for me. A friend of mine looks sensational in shocking pink, but she can’t stand the colour and is unhappy wearing it. We’ve agreed that I wear it for her!

Over to you. Do you look good in colours, but don’t wear them because you’re not drawn to them?