On to some tailoring to temper the unstructured volume that has dominated YLF lately. Eloquii does a fantastic job styling their models with ample structure and polish, and a dose of fluidity. Some looks are more structured and less fluid than others. Here are some fab examples. 

Outfits that are fluidly tailored are my favourite because I enjoy the visual definition and polish of outfit structure, but I don’t like to wear items that are tight, form-fitting, body-encasing, or restrict my movement. My outfits have to flow, and move when I move. To some extent my clothes have to stand away from my body, for lack of a better way of explaining it. I like my tailored pieces roomier than most so that I can get on with my active day without them bossing me around. That said, when clothes are oversized in the wrong way, they are awfully bossy too. Finding the right amount of tailoring and fluidity is a delicate balance.

Here are some outfits that are for the most part fluidly tailored, and I’d happily wear my version of each of them.

1. Trendy Classic

The pullover is a gorgeous fit. It’s tailored in the sleeves, neckline and hem, but fluid everywhere else. The wide crops are similarly tailored up top, but roomy on the leg. The semi-tuck adds waist definition and lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. The loafers are a grounding touch, and bookend the model’s hair.

Trendy Classic

2. ‘90s Casual Suit

I adore the way these items fit. Perfection. The suit is tailored but not tight. The wide pants look Summery and chic. The column of colour creates vertical integrity, and offsets horizontal lines created across the outfit. The length of the pants are elegant, but make sure you don’t trip over the hems. The flat slides are a lovely relaxed touch and match the bag,

'90s Casual Suit

3. Boho Rock ’n’ Roll

The bohemian tunic is beautifully fluid everywhere with tailored structure across the shoulders, neckline and under-bust. The rock ’n’ roll leggings on the other hand are 100% body-con, and there is nothing fluid about them. The outfit works well, and is a good example of the long-over-lean look. Wearing a pair of roomier bottoms like a slim pair of wide crops, cigarette pants, or pair of palazzo pants would add fluidity to the look.

Boho Rock 'n Roll

4. Skirt Casualization

Just about any skirt can be dressed down and worn more casually with the addition of a casual top, fitted denim jacket, and relaxed footwear like sneakers, sandals, slides, mules, boots, or espadrilles. Here, the flared skirt and tee are fluid. The denim jacket is tailored. Tucking the tee to showcase the waistline creates a further tailored effect. Sometimes, I wear my own fitted denim jackets like a tailored top by buttoning them up. This is an outfit formula that I wear frequently in warm weather. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Skirt Casualization