You bat for Team Winter if you prefer wearing Winter outfits to Spring outfits, and vice versa. Note that any type of Winter and Spring outfits count, whether your climate is mild or extreme. In Seattle our Winters are cold, grey, and very wet. The beginning of Spring can feel like Winter, but it’s usually warmer, drier, and sunnier by the end of Spring. That said, Spring is by no means hot in this neck of the woods. You usually need layers, toppers, and closed footwear for most of Spring.

I bat for Team Spring outfits by a billion percent. Spring shopping is by far my favourite of all the seasons. Because our Summers aren’t overly hot and I run cold, I can wear Spring wardrobe items well into Summer. I wear the same colour palette throughout the year — which is a Spring palette — so it’s not about sporting my favourite colours. It’s more about lighter layers, crisper fabrics, wearing patterned shirts and blouses, adding more optical white to my look, showing a bit of skin, sporting pretty dresses and skirts which add outfit variety, and leaving off the knee-highs because the weather is warmer. I can leave off the bulky beanie, woolly scarf, gloves, thick coat, thick knitwear, and fleece-lined hi-tops too. Plus I love the feeling of the warm Spring sun against my skin. It’s energizing, and I look forward to the onset of Summer weather.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Winter or Team Spring Outfits. Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, I’m serving wholesome and fresh chicken noodle soup and keto za’atar olive bread on the bench in take-out boxes so you can enjoy it in the safety of your own home.