If you’re in the mood for a luxe, structured, and dressier vibe that is still relatively comfortable, take a look at these outfits. They might inspire you to pull together a similar look from your own wardrobe, put a potentially fab item on your shopping list, or spark an idea for another outfit. These outfits showcase pants, which is quite a practical choice in Winter, but feel free to substitute a skirt. Choose any colour palette and let the creative juices flow.

1. Dramatic Coat and Shoe Sandwich

This is a great formula, especially when you’re out and about and need to keep your outerwear on most of the time. It’s about creating a quiet outfit of neutral wardrobe essentials — like flared jeans and a blouse — and finishing things off with a spectacular topper and pair off shoes that make a statement. When the coat comes off, the wearer keeps things interesting with a pair of gigantic hoops that bookend the gold loafers. I don’t wear earrings so I’d rely on my statement eyewear and essential pearl necklaces to make the outfit look finished without the statement coat.

Dramatic Coat and Shoe Sandwich

2. Matching Triple Plaid

This is a hectic look with plenty of harmony. The outfit combines three plaids, which are in a similar palette, and have the same geometric integrity. Therein lies the harmony, because the eye can rest when it finds colour and pattern matching. The topper and pants create a tonal match of sorts, because the plaids are almost the same, albeit across very different scales. The yellow tartan bag picks up the yellow in the other patterns. Simple wardrobe essentials like a neutral top and boots are easy additions that complete the outfit.

Matching Triple Plaid

3. Three Patterns and a Solid Support Act

A neutral pair of micro-check pants are paired with a striped top in a similar neutral palette. The micro-check is a false plain that functions much like a solid. A scarf that picks up the neutrals in the outfit adds a vibrant touch, and is the focal point because it’s the only place in the look where non-neutrals are represented. That makes them stand out. Wardrobe essentials, like a black coat and oxfords, quietly finish off the outfit and let the rest stand out. The outfit would also look great without the scarf.

Three Patterns and a Solid Support Act

4. Playfully Structured and Suited

A suit in a subtle plaid takes the strictness out of the corporate silhouette, without looking unprofessional. The green top matches the green stripe in the plaid and creates a fun pop of colour. It’s also the focal point of the outfit. I like the green, but would probably have kept things neutral and crisp with a cream layering top to match the cream boots. Gorgeous nonetheless. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Playfully Structured and Suited