This one is for Team Black. What I like about these outfits is how the almost black-from-head-to-toe looks are broken up with an another accent neutral, and lots of texture. To my eye, this brings flat black to life and makes it boogie. I like the use of practical and comfortable footwear too. 

1. Columned Volume

Create a column of black with a top and bottom. Add black shoes and socks, or sheer black knee-highs. Make sure the blacks match and aren’t faded to add polish to the outfit. Shine up those shoes! Throw over a patterned topper that has a lot of black in the pattern, and you’re done. These items are voluminous, which adds an architectural vibe. Wide crops are paired with a fluid hooded top, and the coat is cocooned. Comfy, on-trend, and luxe. When the coat is removed, the wearer retains the sparkle and continues to break up the expanse of the black with large shiny statement earrings and red lippie.

Columned Volume

2. Jeans and Black Support Act

This is the easiest rendition to accomplish, and I bet many people reading this have a version of it in their wardrobes. Combine a pair of blue, black or grey jeans with a neutrally patterned pullover that has a lot of black in it. This one is a black with white argyle. Add black boots. Throw a black puffer or wool coat over the lot, and Bob’s your uncle.

Jeans and Black Support Act

3. Hard-Edged Pretty

Combine a black pleated or flared skirt with a fun black and white graphic tee. Pop a black blazer or moto jacket over the top. Add short black socks and oxfords, or boots and pumps if that’s more your thing. The texture-rich integrity here adds a lot of flair to the outfit. The satin skirt with lace edging and leather blazer do not appear dull. I’m loving the glam polish created with beautifully styled soft locks, make-up, and shiny formal statement earrings. I see a matching silver cuff in the mix.

Hard Edged Pretty

4. Relaxed Elegance

This is my favourite of the four because it’s the most crisp and pretty. The “pretty” is created with the beautiful embroidery and dainty ballerina footwear. The “crisp” comes through in the white accents, woven fabrics and overall polish of the outfit. Combine a black and white patterned shirt or blouse with a pair of black pants, and add dainty footwear. I love the volume of these pieces, which is offset by the vertical column of black. They add a relaxed touch without sacrificing elegance because there is structure in all the right places. The criss-cross ankle straps are perfect with the cropped flares, thereby continuing the long vertical line. I’ll take the outfit in ink blue with white ballet flats. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Relaxed Elegance