There is a lot to be said for sticking to the tried-and-tested components of our style. We like them, they work, and don’t need fixing. But sometimes we try something new because we’re in the mood for change, feel stuck in a rut, or want to add that next layer of fabness to our look. 

In the midst of everything that happened last year, I wasn’t much in the mood to try something new. I stuck with signature tried-and-tested wardrobe items, and continued to have fun with fashion and style that way. Then I unexpectedly purchased a pair of wildcard turquoise corduroy pants that have become wardrobe workhorses. I LOVE the colour, and that they aren’t jeans.

This year I’m in the mood to try more new-to-me wardrobe items. Right now I’m focussed on my knitwear style, which is currently exclusively pullovers. I’m looking at the cardigans in the collection below. The first two cropped cardigans make sense because I can wear them buttoned-up like a pullover over flared midi skirts and high-waisted wide crops and cuffed jeans. They are pretty, classic, fluidly structured, and retro, which is just my cup of tea. The third striped cardigan is a wildcard because I don’t wear V-necks well. But I thought combined with a pretty lace camisole and a pile of white pearls to fill in the neckline, it might be worth a try. I have a pair of flared toffee pants that could work well with them too.

Over to you. Are you in the mood to try a few new-to-you wardrobe items this year?