You’re on Team Iron if you prefer pressing clothes with an iron on an ironing board. You’re on Team Steamer if you prefer to remove clothing wrinkles with a hand-held steamer. 

I do not like wrinkled clothing. I will absolutely take the time to remove them from freshly laundered clothes, or to spruce up clothes before I wear them a second time. I do not enjoy ironing, but haul out the iron and ironing board because the results of a beautifully pressed piece adds polish to my style, and to me, is worth the effort. 

After much raving about the ease of clothing steamers, I got one of those too. I had to keep it small because we have limited storage in our loft apartment. Maybe I bought the wrong steamer or have poor steaming technique, but I’m a bit disappointed and don’t find the steamer easier than using an iron. You have to plug in the steamer and wait for it to heat up just like an iron. Granted, you eliminate the step of the ironing board, but ours is easily accessible and takes two ticks to set up. The steamer works well on some fabrics but not others. Overall I get better pressed results from an iron, especially with fabrics like raw denim, corduroy, and thick cotton. I can also block knitwear more easily with an iron and ironing board. I bat for Team Iron.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Iron or Team Steamer? If you can’t pick a side or use neither, you’re benched but can grab chicken peri-peri and stir-fried vegetables in take-out boxes if you’re hungry.