A coatigan is a cross between a coat and cardigan. I’ve called them sweater coats in the past, and others have called them swackets. Coatigans are knitted and resemble a long and heavy cardigan, but have the substance of a light to mid-weight coat. They come in all sorts of colours, patterns and fabrics. Some versions are dressier than others. Most of them are single-breasted and unlined.

This collection shows a good assortment.

Coatigans are softer, less structured, and generally more cosy and comfortable than coats and jackets. I often suggest coatigans to my clients who don’t enjoy the constriction on the shoulders, arms, bust, and around the neck of a coat or jacket. Coatigans don’t look and feel off when worn at home because they look more like a cardigan than outerwear. They can be dead right to wear outside when it’s relatively mild, dry, and you’re appropriately layered. Coatigans can also be more comfortable for driving.

On the other hand, coatigans don’t look as sharp, tailored, crisp, dressy and structured as some coats and jackets. They also won’t keep out the rain, wind or extreme chill. They can stretch out and feel a little disheveled at times. That said, in a world that is becoming more casual, and with more and more people working from home, I understand the appeal and popularity. You can wear them while you type on the couch if they aren’t too bulky. They are a comfy and pulled together option for digital meetings. And visually look more polished and professional than sweats and Athleisure.

I don’t think that coatigans are a replacement for jackets and coats. There is room for both in your wardrobe. As a jacket and coat die-hard who loves structure and the crispness of woven toppers, even I have a coatigan of sorts. It’s a navy knitted sweater jacket from Boden with a faux fur collar that I wear working from home. It makes me feel pulled together, productive, energized and glam. Some of the magic of a jacket, but less constricting and dressy. Of course, it keeps me warm too. So far, I’ve only worn it indoors, and it might stay that way.

Over to you. What’s your opinion on the coatigan? Is it something you wear or would consider wearing? Has the coatigan replaced the blazer in your style life?

Roman Pink Teddy Fleece Knit Coatigan

Senreve Cashmere Coatigan