This week’s poll is about footwear toe boxes, and whether you prefer pointy, round, or square toe boxes. All square toes count, including snip toes, round square toes, or very square toes. Almond toes can be pointy or round, depending on the shape. 

I like and wear all the toe box shapes, as long as the shoes are refined. My dressier shoes are pointy-toe with some snip toe and round square toe in the mix. My extensive collection of non-athletic sneakers are round toe and almond toe. But as an ‘80s gal with pointy feet, my heart is with the pointy-toe. They are a natural fit for my narrow feet and long toes, and look good with my dressy style. It was close though. These days I wear round and almond toe sneakers all the time.

I bat for Team Pointy-Toe. How about you? It’s tradition every Thanksgiving that you can bat for more than one team in the poll. No one is benched, and everyone can play. I would love to hear your preferences.

We will be slowing down blog posts this week as the US celebrates Thanksgiving. If you live in the US, we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday weekend.