This poll is about describing your style, not your wardrobe. Does your look tend to be more minimal or maximal? Or are you a combination of the two depending on your mood and the weather, in which case you bat for Team Both. 

People have different interpretations of minimal and maximal. Some of my clients believe they have a minimal style, when to my eye they tend towards maximal. Conversely, I’ve suggested to clients they have a minimal style when they perceive it to be quite maximal. So it’s about your interpretation of minimal and maximal, and where you think you are on the continuum from very simple to a lot going on.

The individual items that I wear are usually simple in terms of silhouette, but thanks to an abundance of colour and pattern mixing, my outfits are more complex. I combine clashing colours and patterns, that to my eye look harmonious. I can combine up to four solid brights in one outfit, and four patterns in another. I remix pastels with brights and warm colours with cool tones. I love high-contrast looks, I like shiny glitz, and I wear bright red, green and white eyewear. I seldom wear a neutral outfit from head to toe, and when I do, the neutrals are high contrast. And my columns of colours are non-neutrals.

Because my outfits are bold, bright, colourful, pattern-mixed, and high contrast, I keep other parts of my style minimal. I sport simple short hair, naked nails, no belts, and no jewellery, apart from pearls and a wedding ring, and I never wear bright lipstick or eyeshadow.

I bat for Team Maximal because I find it soothing, comforting, energizing, and empowering. It lifts my spirits and helps me to stay positive in these unprecedented and chaotic times. Of course, I enjoy minimal outfits on others when it feels right for them. Horses for courses, always.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Minimal, Team Maximal, or Team Both? Remember that there is no right or wrong answer.