Rothy’s is a sustainable casual footwear and handbag brand that you probably know. I see their famous flats on the streets of Seattle fairly frequently, and some of my clients and our forum members wear them too. Their handbag assortment is a newer addition, and looks as casually fab and chic. Many of our forum members who have tried and tested Rothy’s merchandise are very satisfied with the results.

The Rothy’s approach:

We’re committed to constantly optimizing our sustainable efforts. From our innovative knit-to-shape methods to our planet-friendly materials, we consider sustainability every step of the way. And we’ve been that way since the very beginning.

When you have a moment, read their full story and watch the videos. They are compelling, transparent, and passionate. For example, that signature structured and robust Rothy’s fabric is knitted — not woven — and spun from recycled plastic marine water bottles and ethically sourced merino wool. This minimizes waste, and creates a product that’s easily washed, by hand or in the machine. The outsoles of the footwear are made of eco-friendly rubber or vegan leather. Rothy’s also offsets carbon emissions by partnering with a tropical forest conservation project.

Rothy’s footwear is manufactured in sustainable Rothy’s owned and operated factories in China. The supply chain is a completely vertical operation, which is hard to achieve in the footwear industry. From yarn production to final product, no one touches the shoes but the Rothy’s family. Impressive!

Rothy's Mary Jane

Rothy's Chelsea

Rothy's Lace Up

Rothy's Handbag

The integrity of the Rothy’s product is crisply casual with a sporty touch. I like the bold simplicity of the brand, and the quality looks great too. Footwear spans an inclusive range of sizes from a US5 to US13. There are no wide sizes, but the suggestion is to size up half a size for wider feet because the knitted fabric will mould over the contour of the foot. You probably need to size up for orthotics. The knitted fabric is robust and comfortable, and some footwear styles are more supportive than others. Prices are on the higher side.

I keep meaning to order a pair of Rothy’s to check them out, and will probably do so next year. I like their pointy flats best, and will go for a bright red pair. Rothy’s can make a great pair of at-home-only shoes too. If you have experience with the Rothy’s brand, please share your thoughts in the comments below.