This poll is about your lipstick and earrings style this year. You bat for Team Lipstick if you’ve been wearing lipstick but not earrings during the pandemic, and vice versa. You bat for Team Both if you’ve continued to wear lipstick and earrings. Team Neither if you’ve given up on both for now. Note that lip balm does not qualify as lipstick, and all kinds of earrings count.

I haven’t worn lipstick since March because I wear a mask as soon as I leave our front door, and I feel odd wearing lipstick while staying and working at home. I tried wearing lipstick at home a couple of times because I love lipstick! But it felt wrong so off it came. Masks and lipstick are a bad combination, but masks and lip balm are great. For now, I’ve switched completely to lip balm. Since I don’t wear earrings at all, I bat for Team Neither. I will wear lipstick post pandemic, but perhaps not as diligently. I have no intention of wearing earrings in the future.

I suspect that many people have paused wearing lipstick, but that earrings are still quite popular. Dangly big earrings are tricky with mask wearing, but small studs are more manageable. That said, big earrings can also be fun to wear for digital meetings, and perhaps lipstick too.

Over to you. Which team do you bat for? Tell us why, and no batting for more than one team.