My word, have I been moody with my poor white denim jacket. When I bought it a few seasons ago, I loved the fit, short length, gorgeous quality denim, and very crisp white shade of denim. It’s easy to launder, soft, a little stretchy, very comfortable, robust, and doesn’t need ironing. The only thing that was slightly off about it was the silver hardware. Since I bat for Team Gold, I would have preferred brass or gold buttons. I thought what the heck, it will be okay. The silver will blend into my outfits.

I wore the white denim jacket for a season, and the silver buttons only bothered me a little. But as time went on they bothered me more and more, to a point where I could barely wear it. More often than not, I would opt for a denim jacket with brass or gold buttons instead.

Fast forward to this Spring and Summer, and my white denim jacket is back to being a wardrobe workhorse, silver buttons and all. I choose it regularly because it works well over dresses, skirts, and high-waisted pants and jeans. The dresses I couldn’t wear with this jacket last year, are complete wins with it this year. They’re the same dresses with the same jacket. Nothing has changed, other than the thoughts in my head. I’m fine with the silver buttons and hardly notice them.

Sometimes it’s not about logic, and emotions rule the day. Good thing I held on to the jacket. Does this type of moody reaction to a wardrobe item happen to you too?