Jeans have been around for decades. You’ll find them in most people’s wardrobes because they are practical, versatile, fashionable, and, to some extent, a classic. These days, it’s also much easier to find a flattering jeans fit that makes you feel attractive. Dress them up, dress them down, and you can wear a pair of blue or non-blue jeans almost anywhere. It’s no surprise that for some, jeans are wardrobe essentials, workhorses, and signature to their style.

Today I want to talk about the comfort level of jeans. Before spandex was invented and incorporated into denim, denim was either stiff or very stiff. Raw denim that has not been stonewashed makes an industrial, interesting and fashion-forward statement, but is the stiffest and roughest of the lot. On the other hand, stonewashed denim with a stretch component, and sometimes a polyester component, is very soft and stretchy. In fact, some denim purists will argue that soft and stretchy denim isn’t denim at all.

My clientele, family, and friends run the gamut with their opinions on the comfort levels of jeans. Some find all jeans uncomfortable and unflattering, and don’t wear them at all. Others wear them year round because they are flattering and easy, but with a bit or a lot of stretch to ensure comfort. Some will only wear the tight, soft and stretchy kind because they feel like leggings. Some wear them roomy to keep them comfortable throughout the day. Some are comfortable in jeans in colder weather only, and preferably with a bit of stretch. Some wear them on days when they don’t have to sit at a desk all day because the waistbands can dig into their midsections, especially after lunch. Some wear them exclusively over the weekends and are fine in stretchy and non-stretchy versions. Some wear them out and about, with or without stretch, but not when they work from home. And some are fine to wear 100% cotton jeans without stretch as long as it’s not hot and humid.

I love wearing jeans, find them comfortable, and vote YAY as long as it’s not too hot to wear them. I’m in the minority in that I find fairly stiff 100% cotton jeans without stretch comfortable. I also enjoy jeans with a bit of stretch, but not with more than 2% spandex or elastane. I wear jeans on long flights, at home, and working at my desk. The jeans I wear are on the fluid side and wider, which helps with comfort levels. That said, I also love wearing dressier pants and have accumulated quite the assortment. I have a thing for dressy checked pants, and wear those very frequently in cool weather. Every time I pop them on I think, WOW, my dressier pants are much more comfortable than jeans! That’s why I’ve embellished my dressy pants capsule over the years.

Although I find jeans comfortable, there are plenty of other types of pants that are more comfortable, like Athleisure and travel pants made of technical fabrics, cotton and silk joggers, sweatpants, chinos, wide and soft cotton and linen pants, harem pants, corduroy and velvet pants, cargo pants, sarong pants, and lantern pants. Or if you’re like me, you find dressy pants made of wool and cotton blends comfortable.

Over to you. What do you think of the comfort level of jeans?