Many of my clients and friends wear sleeveless tops and dresses, but all too often the armholes hang too low and wide for their preferences. This is especially true with unstructured sleeveless tops and dresses that are breezy in hot and humid weather. 

Here and some solutions to this particular fit problem.

1. Add A Breezy Sleeved Layer

Adding layers like lightweight gauzy cardigans and shrugs, or very lightweight Summer jackets in cottons, silk, rayon and linens will hide too wide and low sleeveless armholes. Of course, this does not fix the problem when you take off the topper. But for some of my clients and friends this makes little difference because they don’t bare their arms anyway. They wear sleeveless tops because they layer more easily, and keep on the layer.

2. Wear a Decorative Bra

It’s fun to wear a pretty bra thereby making small glimpses of it part of the outfit. For example, you can layer a black bra under a patterned sleeveless top or dress that has black in the print. That way the small parts of bra that are revealed at the armholes become part of the patterned design and top/dress. You can also layer a decorative sports bra under a breezy and wide armholed tank. The sports bra has the added benefit of wicking away perspiration on a hot day.

3. Wear a Decorative Camisole

This option is less popular because wearing a camisole under a sleeveless top or dress can feel overly warm in hot weather. That said, it can work if you don’t run hot, or it’s a comfortable layer in air conditioning. A thin and strappy AIRism camisole from Uniqlo will do the trick because it’s ultra thin, moisture-wicking, and cool to the touch.

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4. Alter the Side Seams

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Sometimes you can take in part of the side seams of the top and dress to reduce the size of too wide armholes. This type of alteration tends to work well when there is room in the fit of the bust because you’ll narrow some of the bust circumference when you take in the side seams. This is exactly how I’m making the too wide and low armholes on my new sleeveless Boden midi dress fit perfectly.

5. Don’t Worry About It

You’re hot, and wearing a sleeveless top or dress with a regular bra feels the most comfortable. If a bit of non-matching beige bra is visible when you lift, stretch, or swing your arms — it’s just a bit of bra. Chances are low that other people will notice or be bothered by it.

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