Patrick RobinsonPaskho is a sustainable athleisure and travel clothing brand that was founded by Patrick Robinson, who has designed for Giorgio Armani, Anna Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabanne, and the Gap. After seeing that the blue dye from denim factories was contaminating rivers and affecting wildlife, Robinson was committed to change.

Paskho — which means “passion” in Greek — was founded out of a “return to fundamentals”, “doing more with less”, and inspiring others “to repurpose rather than add to the piles of waste that overflow our landfills.” Paskho designs are made of reclaimed fabrics to prevent waste, and as a result many items are limited-edition pieces. As the demand for Paskho items grew, Robinson worked with his fair trade factory to source sustainable textiles, reduce waste, and eliminate unnecessary plastic.

The collections are targeted at a niche set of men and women who enjoy wearing extremely casual sporty clothes in technical fabrics for work, travel and play. Sizes run from an XS to XXL. Items are strong, light, robust, easy to launder, do not crease, and very comfortable. Colours are generally neutral and solid. Items are pricey, but do go on sale.

Sanctuary - Cropped Pleated Stretch Tech Pants

Individualist - The Ultimate Travel Tech Blazer

Ability - Modern Traveler Pants

Women's Lucidity - Travel Hoodie

I haven’t yet seen these items in person, but I like their simplicity, versatility, and the forgiving fits of their fluid silhouettes. My guess is that they will fit a range of body types because they lack excessive structure, and the waistbands are flexible. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear the look from head to toe. You can mix and match the items with dressier pieces. Combine the utility pants with a boho blouse and heeled sandal booties. Throw a cute silk shirt over a pair of their shorts, and wear a sheath dress under the relaxed blazer.

I’m not an athleisure or technical fabric type of gal, although I like the white travel hoodie because it’s bright and crisp. It looks yummy with the white top layered underneath it. I can see hubs Greg in a lot of the items in the men’s section, because they are in his happy colours and he likes technical fabric.