The only thing I enjoy wearing more than dresses, is dresses with side entry pockets. At the moment, seven of my dresses have this design feature, and I love it. The collection below shows my dresses with pockets. 

I think side entry pockets are fun. Maybe that’s because it’s a casual and practical design feature on an otherwise prim and proper and so-called impractical wardrobe item. A fab juxtaposition. The result is unexpected, interesting, and a little rebellious, especially when a more formal dress has hidden side entry pockets.

You can pop your hands into the pockets, which visually gives the dress a nonchalant, casual and interesting twist. You can stash away a credit card, keys, lip balm, scraps of paper, and your phone if the pockets have sturdy linings. Your hands are insulated too. What’s not to love about a dress with side entry pockets? I have yet to meet a reason.

These types of fun pockets work best on dresses with volume like A-lines, sack styles, or flared skirt silhouettes because of the room in the pockets. You don’t want items or your hands to bulge and feel constricted. A body-con sheath with side entry pockets would not be a good thing.

Madewell WHIT Gillian Tiered Midi-dress in Navy Hermosa Floral

C/Meo Collective Entice Gown

Over to you. Am I missing a reason not to love dresses with side entry pockets.