Staying at home as our communities shelter and isolate has, to some small or large extent, affected our day-to day styles. I have also altered some aspects of my beauty and grooming regimen, because services and products are unavailable. For now, the changes are small, but I imagine they will become greater over time.

Bathing: I used to shower twice a day. First thing in the morning so that I’m fresh for the day, and again in the evening after hot yoga practice or a day of shopping with clients. With hot yoga and shopping with clients on hold until life normalizes, I’m showering once a day.

Hair: My short hair is cut and partially highlighted every six weeks. I’m in my eighth week and it’s unclear when I will have my next appointment. This is where my grooming regimen has changed the most. It’s the most noticeable. Previous attempts to hack my own hair have not been successful. I don’t think I’ll be asking hubs Greg to cut my hair, but never say never. It’s going to be an interesting hair project.

I continue to wash and style my hair daily because it makes me feel better about my appearance and creates a good routine. I crave structure! Wavy and curled on some days, and straight on others.

Brows: I’ve been grooming and dying my own brows and lashes for twenty-five years, so nothing has changed on that front. As long as I can get the dye and peroxide, it’s business as usual.

Make-Up: I apply my regular short make-up routine daily, without fail. It really doesn’t matter that I have nowhere to go but walk our doggy Sam, and do the occasional grocery run. It makes me feel prepared for the day, polished, productive, and creates a sense of routine.

Skincare: My skincare routine has not changed at all. I facially cleanse once a day, and moisturize and hydrate twice a day with the same beauty products. I continue to apply daily sunscreen, and exfoliate a few times a week.

Shaving and Waxing: My bodily hair is minimal so I’ve never waxed. My weekly shaving routine is just the same as long as we don’t run out of razors.

Hands and Feet: I used to have manicures and pedicures every month to six weeks. No nail polish because I bat for Team Naked Nails. I would simply apply a clear nail strengthener after the mani and pedi and that was that. I don’t know when I’ll be able to have another manicure or pedicure, so in the meantime, I keep my finger and toe nails shorter than usual. I won’t bother with the nail strengthener because of excessive hand washing, housecleaning and sanitizing. I moisturize my hands many times a day, my feet once a day, file a little, and occasionally buff my calluses.

Over to you. How have you altered your beauty and grooming regimens while we shelter and isolate?