I find light blue extremely versatile, which is why I have a few light blue bags, some tops, light blue denim, and I just committed to a pair of light blue sneakers. Light blue looks fab with neutrals like black, white and grey. It looks great with other shades of blue, earth tones, sour brights, and pastels. It’s extra pretty when you have blue eyes because it makes them sparkle. This is my current collection of light blue wardrobe items, and I’ll happily add more.

Here are some outfits that mix light blue with neutrals for a fresh Spring look. The incorporation of white in the outfits creates an effective crisp touch. I can’t pick a fave, and adore them all.

1. Trendy Tonal Light Blue

Combine a blue and white striped shirt, blouse or top with a pair of light blue jeans, white footwear, and you’re good to go. Here, the flared jeans and big shirt are trendy choices, but by all means choose silhouettes that are classic or more to your taste. The oversized shirt has been semi-tucked for structure, but it could have been left out in an avant-garde way. The low contrast between the three items offsets the horizontal lines that high-contrast items create, which would give them just enough structure sans the hint of waist definition.

Anthropologie CQY Bliss High Rise Bootcut Jeans

2. Spectrum of Blues

Light blue looks great with a range of blues AND white. Here, a dark cobalt top is combined with white bottoms, and a saturated light blue topper. A navy top would work well, or a black top if it’s too much blue. Think jackets if coats aren’t your thing, or too warm for your climate. The black footwear works well with the dark hair of the model. Navy, tan, metallic, light blue or cognac footwear are great substitutes. Summery sandals worn with knitwear and a woolly coat look seasonally confused to my eye, so I vote closed shoes.

Violeta Cashmere Sweater

3. Light Blue and White with Black Accents

This combination is particularly delicious with the complexion of the model. Create a white column of colour with jeans and shirt. Top it with a light blue pullover, sweatshirt or jacket. Add black shoes and belt, and even better if you have black hair to bookend the shoes. You can leave off the white top layer, and simply pair a light blue top with white jeans and add the black accents. If dark shoes aren’t your thing, add cognac, tan, metallic or white.

Zara Embroidered Text Sweatshirt

4. Light Blue, White and Brown

Light blue and brown was a popular combination in the ’90’s and is looking awfully fresh combined with white for 2020. Find a pair of earthy bottoms like brown, cinnamon, olive or tan, and throw on a white top and light blue topper with it. Finish things off with white footwear which pick up the white of the top, and keep the palette fresh. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

YVES SALOMON Leather Biker Jacket