Light-coloured snakeskin boots are a maximal classic that come in many variations. So much so that the pattern will bookend any shade of hair if you choose the right warm or cool tones to complement it. Some versions are more brown and earthy, while others are grey and icy. Some patterns are tonally light, and others more contrasting. The patterns with a strong black component are great for black hair. The lighter and grey versions are fab for blonde and grey hair. The warm brown tones are good for auburn hair and redheads. The collection shows a nice assortment of patterns.

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Snakeskin boots make a bold statement, so you have to be okay with that. They are versatile because they can effectively bookend your hair. For that reason light snakeskin boots will happily stand alone without matching anything else in the outfit. I used to have a cream pair of snakeskin booties that I wore into the ground and with everything. Maybe I’ll get another pair this year.

On to the outfit formulas for inspiration.

1. Pattern Mixed

Despite the bold appearance of snakeskin, it’s a good pattern to mix with. Here the boots work well with the floral blouse because the same black and earthy toffee are repeated in the patterns. The toffee is further repeated in the model’s hair and the pink in the blouse is repeated in the model’s lips. Gorgeous.

Violeta Snake-effect Heel Ankle Boots

2. Bright Dress

This is a great example of how the snakeskin boots stand alone and don’t match anything in the orange dress. But the black components in the boots effectively bookend the black in the model’s hair thereby creating a harmonious visual. Easy.

Eloquii Boat Neck Tie Sleeve Dress

3. Neutral Separates

Light snakeskin boots with a high-contrast pattern look amazing with outfits that combine neutrals like black, navy, grey and cream. Here, the light components of the boots match the hair of the model, which is visually effective. Blue jeans will work well too.

Eloquii Satin Midi Skirt

4. White Jeans

This is the reason I would like to get light snakeskin boots – gorgeous with white jeans, and especially for Spring. You could combine the look with a top that works with the palette of the snakeskin, or throw in something completely different like this mustard top. Plenty of possibilities, so do your own thing!

Jacquemus Jeans of Nimes