In Winter the long black puffer coat is ubiquitous across most of the globe. In Seattle, it’s by far the most worn item of outerwear on the street. Heck, even I have a long black puffer and I barely wear black. 

 It’s a ten year old Soia & Kyo that’s in mint condition. I bought a navy Soia & Kyo update four years ago and wear that instead. But I keep the long black puffer around for just in case because it’s beautifully made and a very practical piece.

These simple outfit formulas are for Team Long Black Puffer and Team Neutral. Each outfit is just a little different from the oh-so-popular outfit formula that combines blue jeans with a black or grey top, black boots, and black puffer.

1. Grey Jeans & White Boots

Think grey jeans instead of blue jeans, and white boots instead of black. Finish things off with a white, grey or black pullover, and top it off with a long black puffer coat. Light coloured grey or off-white snow boots would work as well.

Mackage Rena Parka

2. Contrast Faux Fur Trim

The contrast faux fur trim on this head-to-toe black outfit breaks things up, adds a bit of glam, and softens the palette. Could be nice to add a pullover, gloves, or boots in a similar colour to the faux fur trim to pull together the look.

Evans Boutique Black Faux Fur Trim Double Layer Coat

3. Patent and Contrast Lining

Patent black puffers are quite dramatic, and this one has a lovely olive lining that breaks up the black and adds a softness to the hard edged black patent. This type of olive green lining can pick up the green in your eyes, or the green in the pattern of a pattered pullover or scarf. I like how it was combined with an animal print top, and bookended with black boots. Nice to see bootcuts in the mix.

Halogen Reversible Puffer Coat

4. Matchy-Matchy Sweater and Socks

This version isn’t completely neutral, but you can make it neutral if you like. The fun component here is how the visible socks match the pullover. Both are Fair Isle and within the same palette. The black puffer has a lot of brown trim which breaks things up, but a solid black puffer would be equally fab. Puffers with faux fur trim add textural interest, and Dr. Martens are always in style. Add jewellery, head gear, watch, and scarves as desired.

Parajumpers Long Bear Special Jacket