2019 was a tough year for our family so today, more than ever, I’m eager to welcome the new year. Emotionally, our thoughts and feelings need to be processed. Physically, our bodies need to find their way back to a healthy and strong place. January is therefore a perfect time to reflect, reboot, improve, clean up, make changes, make plans, set goals, and start afresh. 

I don’t set new year’s resolutions, but I do make a point of thinking about my priorities. How I can do things in a better way, and become a better person? I try to make peace with the things that bothered me during the previous year so that I can move on. Life is too short and goes by too fast.

I have a milestone birthday coming up in July, so I’ll be reflecting a little more than usual about fashion and style this month, and look forward to hearing your thoughts as you reflect with me. In the meantime, I wish you a happy, healthy and fabulous 2020 that’s full of love, laughter, fun, adventure, great style, good eats, excellent exercise, creative endeavours, and meaningful moments.