The last week of the year is a time to rest, reflect, show gratitude, share affection, enjoy the gift of giving, and fondly remember those who are no longer with us. It’s also a time to soak up the festivities, cook up a storm, eat yummy food, dress up, dress down, be nice, be naughty, sing, bop to music, hang out in PJs, catch up on reading, watch tele, enjoy nature, play games, spend time with loved ones, and appreciate friends. 

The residents of the Cox Castle will be doing just that. We’re at home in Seattle and looking forward to giving airports, traffic, crowds, and helter-skelter a break until the new year.

Our Yorkie Sam is an extremely nice little guy who waits patiently for Christmas morning. His placid little persona goes from nice to naughty in a nanosecond when we start to open the presents under the tree. He’s greatly disappointed when they aren’t toys, bones or treats, He turns his little nose up at doggy shampoo, doggy accessories, or something for me and Greg. But as soon as he gets his toys, he’s the happiest little chap and plays with them relentlessly. This makes for an extra squeaky festive season.

Nice Sam


We’ll be slowing things down this week, but will commence regular daily posting next week. We wish you a wonderful festive season filled with safe travel, happy moments, fabulous style, and peace in your hearts.