A sleeveless sweater is sometimes also referred to as a sleeveless tank, sleeveless pullover, or vest. Sleeveless sweaters come in all sorts of gauges, cuts, fits, colours and patterns. Some are chunky and boxy, others are refined and fitted, and their lengths vary too. You’ll find them with V-necks, crew necks, funnel necks, mock turtlenecks, turtlenecks and cowl necks. 

You can wear sleeveless sweaters as tops without the underlayers, which works well under a jacket. Or you can wear them over shirts, blouses, tunics and tees. They can work well over a dress too. The collection shows some good examples of sleeveless sweaters layered over another layer.

Sleeveless sweaters can look modern classic and preppy, or more avant-garde and boho like the two outfits below. It’s an item that can create a mood all of its own, be quite the effective finishing touch, and add outfit interest with that fun third piece.

Lisa Bayne Moonrise Topper

See by Chloe Sleeveless-Funnel-neck Stretch-knit Jumper

We see sleeveless sweaters come through most seasons, but the item stays very fringe. It’s not an item my clients and friends are that fond of wearing. A little fussy and impractical, maybe? Layered sleeveless sweaters can be widening and bust enhancing too. Conversely, the tailored versions are streamlining thereby adding effective structure to an outfit.

I have one client who adores wearing chunky and boxy sleeveless sweaters because she runs hot and finds sleeved sweaters too warm under a coat. She layers sleeveless sweaters over a tee and is perfectly comfortable for at home and out and about.

I like all the layered versions shown here, and have had my share of dressier sleeveless sweaters that I’ve layered over shirts and blouses in the past. I do find them impractical in my current climates. I’d rather wear a sweater with sleeves because I run cold. They worked well for me in much warmer Fall and Winter climates though. I remember how fab and comfortable they felt layered over a shirt in Hong Kong and Cape Town. If I lived in Southern CA, I’d probably wear layered sleeveless sweaters again.

Over to you. What’s your take on the layered sleeveless sweater?