I have never been able to add retinol cream to my beauty regimen because anything with Retin-A or alpha-hydroxy acids in it burned and scratched my skin, making it look awful and feel even worse. No thank you. 

I stumbled across LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream a couple of months ago while searching for something else on Amazon. With 5,800 glowing reviews and no parabens, I thought what the heck. I’m giving this a bash.

I’ve been applying it twice a day for two months, and it’s amazing. No burning, scratching, flaking, peeling, rash or irritation at all. It has absolutely smoothed and brightened my dry skin, and brought back some natural rosy cheek. My skin feels extra clean and groomed, and I like it.

Personally, I am very sceptical of the so-called benefits of retinol cream in terms of preventing and minimizing wrinkles, and fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation. If you want to prevent wrinkles, you have to stop time. If you want to minimize wrinkles, you need to be vigilant about sun protection all the time. If you want to have healthy looking skin, you need to eat and drink properly, work out, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

The reason I stayed interested in retinol cream is for its excellent exfoliating properties that make skin feel smooth, and look bright and shiny like an apple. This retinol cream has done just that. I’m enjoying the luxury of having well-groomed, fresh feeling skin.