Wearing a graphic tee under a blazer with bottoms is a tried and tested outfit formula, and a very popular one across genders. The blazer adds dressy and tailored polish, while the tee adds relaxed playfulness. It’s a great juxtaposition. 

Graphic tees are gaining popularity across all age groups because their slogans are clever and emotive. More and more people want to take a stand with what they like or believe in, and will wear a slogan tee to convey just that. Wearing the blazer over the tee also creates curious mystery because the slogan is a little hidden. That part is quite fun too.

Here are four ways to wear graphic tees with blazers, although the sky is the limit. Choose any colour palette and a graphic tee that is meaningful to you. Instead of a graphic tee, I wear a very lightweight sweatshirt under a blazer. My blazers are on the fluid side of tailored so the layering works just fine. Tuck, semi-tuck or untuck the tee.

1. Suit and Sandals

Combine a graphic tee with a pants suit and Bob’s your uncle. Add sandals that pick up a colour of the tee. Sub the pants for a skirt suit if that’s more your cup of tea. Adding boots, loafers, ballet flats, pumps or oxfords would work equally well.

MKT Studio Vendime Blazer

2. Textured Party Black

The fabness of this look lies in the textures of the items. Shine, feathers, bling, a matte glow, and a dash of colour are a yummy integration. Combine a black graphic tee with dressy black pants and black blazer. I like the ‘80s sharp shoulders of this one. Finish off the look with dressy footwear, glam jewellery, and a texture-rich bag.

BALMAIN Single Button Tailored Blazer

3. Tartan and Animal Print

This is my favourite of the four because I love tartan and like the pattern mix. Combine a graphic tee with a checked blazer and blue or black jeans. Finish off the look with animal print footwear and a bag that works with the outfit. Choose any patterned blazer if checks aren’t your thing.

DSQUARED2 Tartan Pattern Blazer

4. Joggers and Sneakers

Combine a pair of joggers with a graphic tee and blazer that works with the palette of the outfit. These are printed and pattern mixed, but feel free to sub them for solids. Finish things off with sneakers because they work so well with joggers. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired.

Rag & Bone Bonnie Blazer