Wardrobe needs are very personal and differ greatly from person to person. Yet we all strive to create a functional and fab-to-us wardrobe that sparks joy and caters to our needs. Getting to that point takes time, energy, patience, resources, and a bit of luck. Some of us are there after lots of trial and error, while for others it’s a work in progress.

No matter what stage you’re at with creating a fab-for-you wardrobe, we’re taking the time today to reflect on what we appreciate most about it. I’ll go first.

What I appreciate most about my wardrobe is how colour-rich, curated, and varied the silhouettes are across the wardrobe categories. Every item is in line with my current sartorial preferences and makes me feel like the best version of me — not someone else. Although my wardrobe is equally rich in neutrals and there is silhouette duplication, the ample variation means that I can pander to my daily dressing mood, feel fab in my outfit, and for the most part not feel bored with my style in a four-season climate.

The next thing I appreciate is how well the items fit, because I’m extremely particular and patient about that, and have spent a pretty penny having some items altered. With good fit comes great quality and gorgeous fabrics, and my items range from moderate to exceptional quality. I’m satisfied with that and it’s a good feeling.

I appreciate the versatility of my wardrobe because I can find something appropriate and great to wear for every occasion and setting of my life, and in all sorts of weather. From cocktail events, weddings, date nights and client days, to social events, job interviews, holiday parties, hot yoga, lounging, plane travel, outdoorsy trails, dog walks, snow days, picnics, reunions, and casual days at home. The only item I don’t have is a ball gown for a red carpet event — and wouldn’t that be a fun item to get!

More specifically, I greatly appreciate that I have a capsule of footwear that is just trendy enough, very comfortable, and goes the distance for my walking lifestyle. It’s hard to find shoes that look great, work with your outfits, and that you can walk in for miles in all sorts of weather.

And last, I feel extremely blessed that when I walk into my walk-in-closet multiple times a day it fills me with enormous happiness. Going into my closet and choosing an outfit is the stress-free part of my day, which calms me down – along with a hot cup of tea.

Your turn. I want to hear all about why your wardrobe is wonderful to you, and what you appreciate most about it.