For years I’ve been saying that diagonal lines are magical because they have the ability to visually straighten OR create curves. Depending on your needs, diagonal lines can balance out proportions. They are typically created by diagonal stripes or asymmetrical hemlines, and some garments incorporate both. The interesting and flattering effect of diagonal lines on the body is not to be underestimated. They are an extremely handy and effective outfit styling tool.

Recently, fashion and style expert Brenda Kinsel mentioned just that when she described her outfit on Instagram:

I love a top that cuts across the tummy creating a diagonal line. A line straight across the tummy area makes me look wider. This is my version of tummy control!

Brenda Kinsel

An untucked fluid top with an asymmetrical hemline creates the diagonal line that can visually offset the curve of the midsection, which is precisely what the lovely Brenda is showing in her fab outfit. The gathers and puffing at the waist of a pleated skirt can make you feel wider than you want, which makes the coverage of the untucked top a super solution. Add the diagonal line and you’re in business. The combination allows you to look and feel more streamlined, without shapewear or tucking a top. And you don’t need to worry about midsection bloat after a yummy meal. Thank you, Brenda, for showing us how it’s done.

One of the reasons I like to partially tuck my tops is because of the subtle diagonal line it creates across the midsection, which to my eye looks interesting and streamlining, as well as leg lengthening in flat footwear.