A new outfit from Psyche Southwell of Economy of Style, whom we introduced to YLF in July 2015.

This is a wonderful example of Angie’s Summer Column of White outfit formula. Psyche is wearing a white tube top tucked into cropped joggers, thereby creating a column of white that lengthens the leg line. She then dresses up these sporty casual pieces with a navy and cream striped blazer that is the star of the show. The stripes give it a nautical vibe, while the deep V on the double-breasted style creates a cut-away effect when the topper is worn open. The Juliette sleeves — puff sleeves that taper tightly at the bottom —add dramatic flair and an on-trend ’80s integrity. Sleek, low-contrast snakeskin slingbacks enhance the tonal look by adding a subtle second pattern. Dainty necklaces, circular earrings and bright pink lipstick complete the look.

Psyche - 1

Psyche - 2