There are good reasons to leave off the brassiere. Maybe the bra interferes with the cut or line of a top, or feels uncomfortable and hot. Perhaps you prefer wearing bralettes, or simply feel more alluring and natural when the bust is free to jiggle. Whatever your preference, wearing a bra these days is definitely more of a choice than an obligation.

That said, I’ll give you six good reasons to wear a structured bra, either daily or when you feel like it.

1. Modesty

You draw less attention to the bustline when it’s locked and loaded, and does not jiggle. You prevent visual “headlights” if you’re self-conscious about that. In a professional setting, modesty can be the best policy if it makes you feel confident, controlled and composed.

2. Comfort

The support of a structured bra is comfortable because it hurts when you’re jumping or running, and the bust is jumping and running too. The support of a structured bra prevents under-bust perspiration, or wicks it away when you’re hot.

3. Enhanced Shape

A structured bra lifts the bustline to create a round and perky shape. This enhances the traditionally flattering proportions of the womanly hourglass silhouette. Rightly or wrongly, a bustline that is high and perky is also perceived as youthful.

4. Improved Clothing Fit

I dress women for a living and see daily how the right structured bra improves the fit of clothing. It’s like magic. The lifted and supported bustline streamlines the figure, smoothes lumps and bumps, and accentuates the waist. The size of the bust can be increased with padding or decreased with minimizers depending on your visual preference.

5. Outfit Detail

A bit of pretty bra that intentionally peeks out from under a top or dress, a see-through top, or the front of a neckline can become a meaningful part of an outfit. It can add texture and interest, and look quite lovely in the right setting.

6. Sensual Beauty

Structured bras are beautiful and complex works of art that can make you feel beautiful and sensual. I know that I feel a lot better in my outfit when I’m wearing a structured and pretty bra despite the fact that it’s hidden from the world.

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