I am not a fan of bras. I wear them by necessity.

None of my bras fit me after having lost weight. YLF encouraged me to get a good bra fitting and buy new bras. I couldn't argue with the logic.

I went to Nordstrom and Belks for new bra fittings. I wholly disagreed with the expert(s) doing the fitting. If being unable to breath and living in pain was the end result of a "good fitting bra," I was determined to go braless.

Of course, I wrote posts about my bra fitting angst. Thirdlove was recommended to me. I tried Thirdlove and never looked back.

To be honest, I only tried one bra style from Thirdlove. The first style fit me out of the box so I duplicated. I currently own two bras that fit me like a dream. They are as comfortable as a bra can be.

If you are feeling like you might have fit issues, I suggest you try them.