Today we’re talking about nail polish style. Note that finger and toenail polish both count. You are on Team High Contrast if you wear polish that is high contrast to your skin tone. It can be bright or neutral, but it makes a statement and is not subtle. You are on Team Low Contrast if you wear finger and toenail polish that is soft or subtle. In other words, it blends more seamlessly with your skin tone, and is less noticeable.

I’ve been batting for Team Naked Nails for three and a half years, and I love it. I have regular manicures and pedicures so that my hands and feet look well groomed and polished — but without colour. Instead I apply a clear nail strengthener that adds a very subtle shine. This is about as low contrast as it gets unless I leave off the nail strengthener completely. I do that sometimes too. I bat for Team Low Contrast Nail Polish and it’s part of my signature style.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team High or Team Low Contrast Nail Polish? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams.