Decades ago, Zara was one of my favourite places to shop because their items tend to fit me well and I enjoy the design sensibility. Now I’m down to one Zara item every few years because the quality is very inconsistent. Their fits though, continue to work well for my body type and I like the trend direction. Prices are affordable, and the merchandise is exciting. Some of my clients regularly shop at Zara, so they are always on my radar.

I thought long and hard about whether I want to continue adding items from the fast fashion giant to my own wardrobe because their business model is based on rapid consumption, which is harmful to our planet. But since Zara has been taking meaningful steps to become more sustainable and ethical, I’m fine to purchase an item from them from time to time. I’ve always liked the fact that Inditex (Zara’s holding company) is almost entirely run by women. And 76% of Inditex’s workforce is female. THAT I want to support wholeheartedly.

Today’s roundup is about high-low merchandise. Longchamp and MZ Wallace bags are all time faves on our forum because of exceptional quality and timeless designs. Zara is a trendy retailer with much cheaper price points. The Zara items in this roundup though, have a high longevity factor.

  • Zara Animal Print Shirt Dress: I adore this dress and had my eye on it for a while. It earned a place in my wardrobe because it's a perfectly breezy yet covered dress, which is just what I look for in Summer. Fluid yet structured, bold yet soft, dressy yet casual, an excellent midi length, ample movement, and fun pockets. You have to like wearing shirts to like the dress because it's a shirtdress of sorts. It's 100% cotton and easy to launder. It hangs very straight and with lots of room, so you have to be good with that too.
  • Zara Printed Blouse: This top looks MUCH better UNTUCKED. It's best on a long neck because of the high slash neck line. The high-low hem adds drama. It's billowy so you have to be okay with that.
  • Zara Lace Skirt: A gorgeous skirt made of heavy and drapey lace that works extremely well on a curvy bottom half. Great on Team Tall. Lots of swoosh and grace.
  • Zara Draped Animal Print Blouse: Giraffe patterns are rare and this one is more earthy in person. The sculptural folded drapes of the sleeves are SUBLIME, and quite the work of art. Works on an assortment of body types. The blouse is quite short, and looks fab UNTUCKED.
  • Zara Print Dress With Ruffled Sleeves: A great dress for a straighter figure, and works well on a larger bust despite the high neckline.
  • Zara Dress With Animal Print Trim: The dress is longer in person but can be hemmed. The flounce is made of a sheer georgette and is extra fab in motion. It hangs very straight and is best suited to those who enjoy high necklines and unstructured dresses.
  • Medium Le Pliage Logo Nylon Tote: A classic tote in a statement pattern with hefty guitar strap makes this Longchamp look very different to the solid basics that are the brand's bread & butter.
  • Le Pliage - Ikat Medium Tote: If you like ikat patterns, check out this classic with patterned guitar strap to match.
  • PAIGE Crossbody Bag: One of the best sporty crossbodies of them all. Beautifully made, structured, gorgeous hardware, comfy strap, great size, and comes in black.
  • Small Sutton Bag: These puffy crossbodies are fun and unique because the texture is eye-catching in an unexpected way. Large, unstructured, and soft. Beautifully made.
  • M Z Wallace Downtown Crosby Crossbody Bag: This puffy crossbody holds its shape and is smaller but still quite roomy. You have the option of simple and glitzy strap. Comes in three colours.
  • 365 Dakota Medium Neoprene Backpack: A sporty and spongy backpack that has a soft and sweet look about it. The neoprene is a lot more robust than you expect.
  • 'Mini Kånken' Water Resistant Backpack: An all-weather SMALL backpack that comes in 21 colours. It's adorable.
  • Cyn Nylon Backpack: A nylon lilac backpack is unique, and this one is smart casual.

Go to the collection page if you would like to see the images alongside my descriptions.