I last wrote about toe cleavage in 2008, so let’s revisit the subject. Toe cleavage is the partial exposure of the base of the toes in footwear with low-cut vamps, when the toe box of the shoe does not entirely cover the toe. 

Toe cleavage is inevitable when you have long toes and wear low-vamped footwear. This is precisely why I have toe cleavage in footwear like ballet flats and pumps despite the longer length of a pointy toe box. Toe cleavage also occurs when you have wide feet with short toes and wear low-vamped footwear.

I didn’t know toe cleavage was a thing until I started my style consulting business thirteen years ago. To my surprise I learned that some clients intensely dislike the look of toe cleavage and go to great lengths to prevent it. On the other hand, some think it’s cute and alluring. Others are indifferent. It seems the number of my clients who are concerned with toe cleavage is decreasing over time.

I’ve had toe cleavage all my life because of the shape of my feet and my preference for dainty footwear. I’ve never worried about it, or thought it was unattractive. It didn’t occur to me to be self-conscious about it, and that I should therefore prevent it. Toe cleavage is how a certain style of shoe fits my feet. Full stop. And I am more than okay with it.

Toe Cleavage

I’m a yay for toe cleavage if that’s how shoes can comfortably fit your feet. It’s neither right nor wrong, but simply a way a particular body type fills out a particular silhouette. What are your thoughts?