The most important trend of our fashion era is Individualism. Fashion is a melting pot of sartorial choices, trends are no longer seasonal, and fads no longer exist. Fashion is more diverse, and more accepting than ever of all sorts of styles. Trends are becoming harder to define, and at some point they will be irrelevant. That’s why developing and milking the signature components of your style is as current, modern, and 2019 as it gets.

A signature style is a set of sartorial preferences that are recognizably “your look” and consistently represented in your outfits. They make your style distinctive. They amp up the PERSONAL in personal style, and make your outfits your own. A signature style can evolve over time, but might have elements that stay the same for most of your life.

A signature style is not to be confused with a style rut. When you’re in a rut you’re bored, tired and unhappy with your style and desperately want to change things up. The components of a signature style continue to spark joy, so you keep them anchored in your look for a long period of time. There is no need to change up your signature style unless you’re tired of it.

A signature style develops quite intuitively. Often it’s a case of building onto the same set of sartorial preferences organically over time until they become a strong part of your style. You can nurture a signature style so that it’s an overt part of your look, or you can keep things subtle. It’s all good as long as your signature style makes you happy.

Developing a signature style is an exercise in learning and self-discovery that has practical benefits. Style is a celebration of individuality that emanates from within, so the more you are in tune with yourself and your needs, the happier you will be with your signature style. The more closely your signature style reflects you as a person, the easier it is to maintain, and sport with confidence and verve. Identifying your signature style helps you edit and review your wardrobe, and plan future purchases so that you shop for the right items.

This type of self-assessment can be confidence-boosting and fun, so give it a go in the comments section. I’ll go first. Here’s how I describe my signature style:

Short blonde pixie, statement eyewear, white footwear, white pearls, and flats are probably the most distinctive parts of my style. White jeans, white tops, solid items in sour brights, colourful clothing combinations, Furla handbags, lace, gold watches, denim jackets, high necklines, longer sleeves, midis, naked nails, and a good dose of trendy classic are the other elements that I consider “signature” to my style. They anchor my look and make me happy. All of that is remixed with a strong desire to emulate a polished appearance with movement, and create dressier crisp outfits with ample structure that are still soft and pretty.

Over to you. Describe the elements that are signature to your style in the comments section. If you’re unsure, feel free to post the question on our forum and we’ll get you started. I’m excited to hear you describe your signature styles. Don’t be shy.