The title’s a little joke at my own expense. Please don’t think too hard on it.

This is the outfit I mentioned on Angie’s blog post today, with items from the last 15 years. It’s also the skirt I’ve been wondering about the length on, and comes to mind when I think of The Cat’s question about how changing appearances necessitate style changes. It is also the skirt I was reminded of by yesterday’s lovely blogger in her long snakeskin skirt. I’d like to wear it with berry beauties this fall.

I’m 5’8.5” (not conceding that half inch til I have to!). Tall, athletic, and willowy all described me. I’m not sure it that’s still true. Used to be that I could wear a long midi with the best of them, but when I tried one on last fall, I was stunned at how many people said it would send out the wrong message, one that was fuddy-duddy.

So with no further ado, there’s this skirt that I got a year or two after we moved to Tampa. My weight was going up, so I was pleased to get something that looked like the old me. I usually wear it with tall brown boots with 3” heels, but they aren’t with me right now. I’m worried the short boots chop everything up too much. I considered a necklace (without asking DS!) but since I’d have my jacket on the whole time I was out & about, and be carrying the crossbody with the big camera strap, and because the sweater has a pointelle pattern down the middle, I decided that would be too much extra complication. The sweater is one of the few items I’ve ever duplicated, and a good thing I did, because I washed the crap out of the other one and had to pass it on a couple years ago. It was dingy.

Temps today were between 0 & 10 degrees, so just right for this outfit. My Guerilla mirror this time was a shop window near wher we live. Please ignore the stripes at the bottom of the pix. The bus in the background is ironic, because busses pulled into the foreground of my day as a taxi strike brought traffic to a stop. One bus I was on took a detour, but then the public transit system gave up on busses & trams and told everyone to ride the rails. Bonus pix to illustrate.

I’m looking forward to comments & suggestions.

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