Wearing baggy over baggy and over baggy is awfully trendy, and somewhat arty and architectural. The baggy items can range from fluid to very oversized. Silhouettes are WIDE, and not at all tailored. 

It’s a challenge to feel good in a combination that lacks sufficient visual structure. It’s easy to feel unpolished, like the clothes are wearing you, and wider than you are. It can also feel fussy because there’s too much fabric flapping around your body.

That said, some of my clients adore wearing three baggy items at once, and their body types run the gamut. Some are tall, slim, and broad-shouldered with a small bust. Some are tall, curvy, and with a larger bust. Some are short, large in the bust, and apple-shaped. And others are regular rectangles, pears, and hourglasses. The only thing they have in common is that they enjoy wearing unstructured clothing layers because it’s comfortable, creative, arty and looks interesting. Some also enjoy how the vibe camouflages curves and extra bits.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find examples of the outfit vibe across a wide range of body types. But I could find these Spring visuals. Some items are baggier than others, and all of the outfits work to my eye.

1. Trench-Coated Volume

A pair of wide cropped pants is combined with a roomy untucked top and voluminous trench coat. The scrunched sleeves and open footwear create just enough structure, because skin equals structure. The open front of the trench coat creates a vertical line down the centre front of the body which streamlines the outfit. The V-neck further elongates the look and is great on a larger bust. Personally, I’d have preferred the wide crops a little shorter to showcase more of the ankle.

Modern Citizen Elettra Tie Front Trench Coat

2. Long ’90s Layers

This is the most unstructured combination of the four because all three items of clothing are very baggy and long. The open front of the jacket that creates vertical integrity, and the model’s naked feet in the sandals are the only bits giving the look a small bit of subtle structure.

Zara Buttoned Shirt Dress

3. Boxy Cubed

A boxy top is combined with boxy wide crops and a boxy jacket. The shorter lengths of the top and jacket add a little more structure right away. The low-contrast footwear lengthens the leg line, which make the wide crops look less stumpy. This is the least soft, pretty and ethereal rendition of the four.

COS Topstitched Shirt Jacket

4. Column of Beige

This is the most structured of the four renditions because the fluid top is tucked into a roomy midi to showcase the waistline. However, the structure that is created is somewhat hidden because a straight and roomy topper has been layered over the lot. Once again, the open topper draws the eye up and down which creates vertical integrity, and therefore some structure.

COS Pointelle-Detailed Knitted Top

I wouldn’t wear #1 or #2. Too baggy all over for my narrow shoulders and slight frame. I wear a version of #3, but with a fitted top, or fitted jacket so there’s more structure. I wear #4 but in the form of a fit-and-flare dress. Over to you. Would you wear three baggy items in one outfit, and what do you think of these outfits?